Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Maintenance

Almost every kitchen on the planet has one thing in common: an exhaust fan. It might be tough to operate in the kitchen without an exhaust fan. However, the kitchen exhaust fan may cease operating and can get damaged due to regular use. The dust particles that build in the fan over time are the major cause of this problem. This is why it is critical to regularly clean and maintain the kitchen exhaust.

The following are some helpful tips for cleaning and maintaining kitchen exhaust fans.

  1. Remove The Kitchen Exhaust Filter.

The first thing you should do is remove the filter from the kitchen exhaust fan. It would be best if you first unplug it for this. Stand on a stool to remove the exhaust fan’s mesh filters. Place these mesh filters in the kitchen sink and fill them with water. This will help in the removal of dirt particles and grease that have collected on the filter.

  1. Clean the filter

Soak the exhaust’s filter in a water solution and a little ammonia for this. Allow the filter to soak in this mixture. To finish the cleaning, take the filter from the solution and scrub it well with a brush. Before you do so, make sure you’re wearing gloves. You may also clean the filter’s frames by soaking them in water. Allow the filter as well as the frame to dry fully.

  1. Clean the exhaust

After you’ve cleaned the filter and the frame, it’s time to clean the exhaust itself. Make a solution of warm water, ammonia, and baking soda to clean the blades. Using this combination, scrub the exhaust blades from the front and rear. Dry the excess solution from the fan and fan blades using paper towels. This procedure will help in the removal of oil and dust particles from the exhaust.

  1. Regular Maintenance

You must maintain the kitchen exhaust on a regular basis to get the most out of it. Cleaning the filters every three months and thorough cleaning at least once a year is required for this. You can always call a professional if you find the fan isn’t working. Professional maintenance also ensures that the fan is in good operating order.

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