Is Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Safe?

Owning a restaurant or a cafeteria can be a gratifying and rewarding experience. But at the same time, it is stressful to maintain it. The parts of a restaurant that you don’t see daily are the ones that usually need the most maintenance, like the restaurant exhaust systems. It is safe to book restaurant exhaust cleaning services regularly.

Here we talk about the risks involved when the restaurant exhausts are left unattended.

Few of the major causes for restaurant fires are greasy kitchen exhaust systems. As and when you use kitchen exhausts, grease starts to build up inside of the kitchen filters. A stage comes where a spark is enough to ignite the fire because of this build-up. 

It’ll lead to the damage of not only your expensive equipment but hampers the trust of your customers. Thus it is advisable to call for professional restaurant exhaust cleaning services at regular intervals of time.

Fire in restaurants is devastating. The last thing the owner should be worried about is claiming insurance. Insurance policy providers can reject your appeal to claim insurance money if you fail to prove that the filters and canopies of the kitchen exhaust system were clean.

Uncleaned kitchen filters and filthy hoods often lead to a health violation, resulting in inspection failure. Moreover, the inspection team has the right to shut down your business on the grounds of quality issues. Thus, restaurant exhaust cleaning is one of the necessary steps that you should never ignore.

Kitchen exhaust systems are designed in a way to keep the kitchen free from smoke or grease. If the appliance is not maintained regularly, the unwanted particles will block the filters. Blockage in filters will not expel out the pollutants effectively.

Thus, resulting in contamination of the air within the premises. Indeed, this can put restaurant owners, staff members and customers at health risk.

Toxic aromas, poor quality of air and high temperature due to heat can all affect productivity. Thus, resulting in lower profits. Moreover, it can also cause short-term or long-term health issues. It is advisable to go for restaurant exhaust cleaning services.

It is necessary to keep your kitchen free from hazards. Access specializes in restaurant exhaust cleaning. We have expertise in detecting the problem and notifying it immediately. You can contact us on 1-800-451-7670 or drop us a mail at

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