Tips For Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Restaurant hood cleaning can sometimes be tedious, but don’t just follow these simple tips to keep your restaurant clean and grease-free.

These tips will help you ensure the proper functioning of equipment, efficient performance, maintain a good condition of equipment with longer life. Presenting a collection of some easy and simple tips to follow for restaurant hood cleaning.

Using the right type of hood filter and sufficient filters allows your vent hood to trap and enclose the fats, oils, or grease emitted by cooking. Check out the hood filter handbook to choose the appropriate filter; the book contains all the information on hood filters.

Also, select the right size hood filter to cover the whole opening space of the vent hood. Measure the opening space of the vent to select the number of good filters you’ll require. 

There must be periodic restaurant vent hood cleaning that ensures efficient work and effective functioning of the equipment. Usually, restaurant vent hood cleaning happens regularly once a day. Cleaning choice is based on the percentage and cooking conducted.

A fast-food restaurant that works for long hours with high volume, including grills and char broil appliances, requires to schedule the restaurant vent hood cleaning more often than a small sandwich shop.

Cleaning the restaurant vent hood is easy and quick. Use hot soapy water, and you can clean the vent hood by hand. Vent hoods can also be submerged overnight in a soak tank so that the cleaning becomes easy.

All the grease and oil stuck to the hood vents would get removed. Remember to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before cleaning the vent and choose a suitable filter method.

Installing duct access doors ensures ducts stay clean and maintained with an easy inspection. It makes the job easy by removing fats, oils, and grease from the duct passage; thus, it decreases the risk of a duct fire and assures better working of the vent hood.

You can even install an exhaust access panel that works similarly. Keep your duct passage clean for proper airflow to prevent dust, bacteria, or fungus growth.

Installing an exhaust fan hinge kit makes the process of frequent removal of fans much safer. It can protect the roof, fan, and fan base from getting damaged by routine maintenance checkups, cleaning, or survey. If you are looking for professional help to conduct proper restaurant hood cleaning, then Access Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning is here to help you. Our skilled technicians provide quality restaurant hood cleaning services at affordable rates. Schedule a cleaning appointment today! 647-984-2738, 1-800-451-7670.

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