4 Important Benefits of Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning

Owning and managing a restaurant involves countless aspects that need your attention. Restaurant exhaust cleaning is one of them. The exhaust hood in a kitchen removes all kinds of combustion particles, smoke, heat, steam, and grease from the air. However, restaurant exhaust cleaning has more benefits besides ensuring a clean and safe commercial kitchen.

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of restaurant exhaust cleaning:

Though it sounds a bit far-fetched, removing the grease buildup in your exhaust can considerably lower the risk of a fire. The ductwork and exhaust hood’s accumulated grease can ignite due to its flammable nature and create a fire in the ventilation.

Grease fires are known to be highly dangerous and cause serious damage that can even cost lives. Therefore, by removing the grease, you are essentially getting rid of a major source of the fire. Scheduling regular exhaust cleaning will ensure that there is no grease buildup in the exhaust system.

Cleaning the kitchen exhaust allows for better ventilation of smoke and other gases emanating from the kitchen. A restaurant exhaust system that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time will have dirt and grime accumulate on its surfaces. This will not only prevent the air from circulating properly but also make the equipment exert harder than usual to perform its function resulting in steep energy bills. Additionally, improved airflow keeps the air fresh.

Unclean exhausts give rise to substandard air quality, preventing smoke, heat, and odour from escaping. Moreover, an unclean restaurant becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mould that cause various diseases. Therefore, if you want your kitchen staff to stay healthy, you should ensure timely restaurant exhaust cleaning.

Cleaning your exhaust system regularly will keep your fan motor in working condition and therefore reduce the need for frequent exhaust maintenance. This way, you will be saving money that would otherwise be spent on costly repairs, replacement, or maintenance.

The frequency of restaurant exhaust cleaning depends upon the specific type and scale of the cooking. For example, 24-hour restaurants and fast food joints will require monthly cleaning, while fine dining restaurants are good to go with semi-annual exhaust cleaning.

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