Why should you choose professional kitchen exhaust cleaning services?

One of the things that influence customer experience  when they walk through the restaurant door is cleanliness. To provide customers with pleasant experiences in your restaurant, it is important to maintain high standards in terms of cleanliness in order to avoid negative reviews, health-code violations, or employees getting seriously injured.

Maintaining a clean and healthy facility is very important, however, it can be difficult and complicated to clean and maintain several areas, especially the kitchen.

The kitchen exhaust system is a very important appliance, which requires regularly inspecting and thorough cleaning. When the grease that is built up over time inside the hoods and other areas of the ventilation system is not cleaned, it can cause fire hazards and other accidents. This is why regular and proper cleaning of your kitchen exhaust systems is crucial.

There are also several standards set by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) for kitchen exhaust cleaning. Failing to meet the requirements doesn’t only increase the risk of restaurant fires, but puts your restaurant at risk for large fines and closure. You can avoid all these issues by hiring professional kitchen exhaust cleaning to get the job done properly.

Why Choose Access Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning?

The kitchen exhaust system cleaning experts at Access Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning have a strong understanding of NFPA rules and regulations and work hard to help restaurant managers and owners around Ontario to ensure their kitchen exhaust system and other equipment are up to date, working properly, and complying with the standards.

The Way We Process

To help get an idea of what to expect from our professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning service, here is a quick outline of what we do.


Before starting any work, we take safety measures both for our team as well as your investment. All appliances are shut off, including the gas valves and pilot lights. Then the baffle filters are removed and set aside to access the exhaust ducts. Once everything is set, all items are double-checked in order to ensure the system is ready to be cleaned.


All parts of the kitchen exhaust system go through a thorough scrapping along with sprays and rinse procedures from the top to the bottom of the system, from the exhaust fan and blades to exhaust ducts. We polish all stainless steel.


It’s pretty sure the greasy fluids can make it down to the kitchen floor during cleaning, and we don’t leave without turning our attention to the floors. The floors will be scrubbed and moped afterward to remove any remains of grease and cleaning chemicals on the surface after cleaning. We also disinfect all counter tops thoroughly.

Getting Started

If you are searching for a reliable kitchen exhaust cleaning service provider in Ontario to maintain the reputation of your business and the safety of your customers and employees, reach out to Access Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. Our team of experts is ready to perform a thorough cleaning, so your kitchen is clean and safe. You can be confident in our approach as we’ll keep you informed about the service we have performed from start to finish. For more information feel free to call us at 647-984-2738.

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